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Terms of Use

This website is a service operated by Village Entertainment Pty Ltd (Booma RC).

The term "RC" is used throughout this agreement to mean "remote control" of devices, whether by radio transmission or some other means.

Your use of this service is subject to the following terms. If you do not accept the terms given in this document, you do not have permission to use the service.

General Disclaimer

Users of this website and/or the forums operated by Booma RC shall find Booma RC and their agents, owners, management and administrators harmless for any claims of liability, damage or injury of any kind resultant to, incidental to, or consequential to information contained therein.

Operation of remotely controlled models and other devices available from this site is a practice that requires a prior knowledge of safe, prudent practices and techniques. Booma RC is not responsible for the education of, or practices by, operators of such devices. Nor is Booma RC responsible to provide this necessary training.

The information contained on, and the acts depicted in videos contained in this Booma RC website are for informational purposes only. Booma RC makes no warranties expressed or implied to the suitability of the information, instructions, techniques or illustrations contained herein for any purpose. Booma RC shall be held harmless and without liability for the use, dissemination, consumption, misuse, application or consequences resulting from the information contained in this website.

Those using the resources of Booma RC accept full responsibility for their actions and any resulting physical, emotional, or mental injuries, as well as any deaths caused or inferred by the use and/or application of the information contained on this Booma RC we site. Said persons using the resources of Booma RC accept full responsibility for any damage to persons or property directly or indirectly caused by the application of information or illustrations found on the site. Booma RC expressly disclaim responsibility for any damages resulting from said acts.


You agree that Booma RC may choose the jurisdiction for any lawsuit arising from use of a product or service.