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ILS-03 Controller

Manufacturer: Advanced Radio
$129.00 (USD)
Advanced Radio ILS-03 Lighting Controller.
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Welcome the all new ILS-03 Light system from Advanced Radio. The Advanced Radio ILS-03 controller takes all the features availble from the original ILS01 and adds in:

* 13.4 volt lighting outputs to give you the absolute brightest lights available today.
* Super power output FETS to drive any lights.
* Incorrect polarity management on battery input.
* Short Circuit protection on each lighting output to catch those opps moments.


And here is the real benefit... You can power ILS-03 from any 2S or 3S battery and you will still get unbelievably bright lights. This is because ILS-03 takes the input voltage and steps it up to 13.4volts (SUPER BRIGHT LIGHTS). ONE LESS BATTERY REQUIRED... ILS-03 also gives you the ability to power your model's lights from your electric retract battery, ECU battery, Ignition battery or even the receiver batteries by simply taking a servo output to the ILS-03 power input. Very cool. 

ILS-03 also works perfectly with our AR Q-Switch multi battery switching system.

Super Bright Lights

The Advanced Radio ILS-03 LED lights are so bright you will see them 100’s meters/yards away in bright sunny conditions. These lights are so bright that you get the best scale look in the air and on the ground.


Simple to use design
Our designers have worked hard to make using the ILS-03 Lighting system simple and easy-to-use. With 2 rotary dials you can easily choose over 2500 different pattern combinations. Just rotate, set and forget.


Built in simulation LEDs
The Advanced Radio ILS-03 comes with simulation LED built into the main unit so you can try 1000’s of combinations to simulate the desired lighting effect before plugging into your main lights. Hours of fun.


6 fully controled lighting channels.
ILS-03 offers 6 separate lighting channels:

Channel 1 – Strobe1/Beacon1 with 14 lighting patterns.
Channel 2 – Strobe2/Beacon2 with 16 lighting patterns.
Channel 3 – Strobe3/Navigation channel with 16 lighting patterns.
Channel 4 – Landing lights with on/off control.
Channel 5 – Afterburner1/Gun effect channel 1.
Channel 6 – Afterburner2/Gun effect channel 2.


Please Note: The all new ILS-03 is designed to provide super bright lighting when used with Advanced Radio 12Volt LED lights which are specifically designed with multiple LEDs in series.



If you use the ILS-03 with LED lights other than our AR brand of lights then they MUST BE CURRENT LIMITED with a resistor in series. ILS-03 outputs 13.4 volts so we recommend starting with at least a 300ohm resistor of 1 watt in series with non AR LED lights and adjust the resistor value accordingly.   


Advanced Switching option
Switching the ILS-03 lighting module on and off is simple. Just plug a signal wire from your receiver and use one of your transmitter’s 3 stage switches or slider as the master control. The 3 stage switch is assigned as follows:

1)      Switch off (Master Switch) = All lights OFF.
2)      Switch position 1 = Strobes and NAV lights ON. Landing lights OFF.
3)      Switch position 2 = Strobes and NAV lights ON. Landing lights ON.


ILS-03 lighting system Strobe/Beacon Patterns and commands. 


SW PositionSwitch1/Strobe1Switch2/Strobe2Strobe3/NAV
0Short FlashShort FlashShort Flash
1Long FlashShort Flash Opp PhaseShort Flash Opp Phase
2Double Short FlashLong FlashLong Flash
3Double Long FlashLong Flash Opp PhaseLong Flash Opp Phase
4Short Short Long FlashDouble Short FlashDouble Short Flash
5Long Long Short FlashDouble Short Flash Opp PhaseDouble Short Flash Opp Phase
6Short Long Short FlashDouble Long FlashDouble Long Flash
7Long Short Long FlashDouble Long Flash Opp PhaseDouble Long Flash Opp Phase
8Rotating BeaconShort Long Short FlashShort Long Short Flash
9Double R.B.Long Short Long FlashLong Short Long Flash
ALearn Nav On Switch PositionShort Short Long FlashShort Short Long Flash
B*Learn Landing On Switch PositionLong Long Short FlashLong Long Short Flash
C*Copy Strobe 2 to NavRotating BeaconRotating Beacon
D*Learn Guns/Afterburner on positionRotating Beacon Opp PhaseRotating Beacon Opp Phase
E*Switch between Guns and Afterburner Switched OnSwitched On
F*Factory ResetBeacon FlashBeacon Flash


With this amount of flexibility you are guaranteed to have the right lighting scheme for your model.


Click Here to view the ILS-03 quick start guide


Whats included in the kit:

The stand alone controller has be designed for your new giant scale project to give that extra scale flair to your model and includes the ILS-03 master module and all the lights necessary for your project.

The ILS-03 Lighting Controller kit includes:

1 x (ILS-03) master lighting module

1 x adjustement driver

2 x male to male servo tails


Optional afterburner ring

For the turbine pilots the ILS-03 also comes with a 2 channel afterburner system built right in. When you add the optional afterburner ring we combine amber (orange) and blue high intensity LEDS to give a realistic afterburner color. The dual afterburner channels allow the ILS-03 to automatically adjust the orange/blue combination for the most realistic afterburner look.



- Super Bright long life 12V LED Bulbs - visible up to a mile/kilometer away in bright sunny conditions.

- 6 separate lighting channels.

- For turbine models - dual afterburner port for dual colour afterburner ring. (Afterburner ring sold separately)

- For non turbine models dual AUX ports for left and righ side gun simulation.

- Master Control to turn lights on and off with via your transmitter.

- Separate switchable landing lights.

- Over 2500 different Strobe combinations on 3 channels.

- Battery Input: (6volts – 12volts) 2S or 3S battery. (Recommended 1100ma minimum capacity)

- Dimensions: 70mm x 40mm 20mm (2.75 x 1.57 x 0.78 inches).

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